Piano - Nevada School of the Arts



Starting at $640 / semester

Established by our school President, Raja Rahman, NSA’s piano program is headed by Cindy Lee, one of Las Vegas’s most gifted teachers. Our students often start as early as 5 and grow rapidly to become excellent piano soloists, sought-after collaborative pianists, or highly skilled amateur pianists.

Private lessons are the foremost component of a well-rounded musical education. These lessons provide hands-on training in a one-to-one teacher/student setting. With individual attention, the student receives training in technique, repertoire, sight-reading, and performance skills. Nevada School of the Arts offers 30-minute, 45-minute, and 60-minute lessons for all ages and all levels with highly trained instructors. Beginning and intermediate level students generally take 30-minute lessons, while more advanced students take 45-minute or 60-minute lessons.

Tuition30-minute Lessons45-minute Lessons60-minute Lessons75-minute Lessons90-minute Lessons
(15 lessons + end of semester recital)
(15 lessons + end of semester recital)
(15 lessons + end of semester recital)
(15 lessons + end of semester recital)
(15 lessons + end of semester recital)

A semester is 15 Lessons and a Semester Recital
* Private Lesson Tuition may vary for certain faculty members
** Amount of lessons taken in the summer session is set between student and teacher

Trial lessons are $40.00 for a 30-minute lesson with your instrument of choice. There is no commitment. If you are not satisfied, then we can schedule another trial lesson with a different faculty member. When you have made a decision to start with a faculty of your choice, we will register you for the semester.