Tuition & Fees

NSA Tuition and Fee Policies

Tuition for private lessons is billed by semester and is due in full prior to the delivery of the first lesson unless students have signed up for the installment plan. For students enrolling only in group classes, 100% tuition must be paid in full at registration to hold a place in the class.

NSA reserves the right to stop lessons/classes if payment is not received within one week of the lesson/class start date. NSA reserves the right to make contact by calling home, cell, work phone, or using any other means (fax, e-mail) in the pursuit of payment. NSA also reserves the right to send outstanding accounts to collections.

  • Students may not continue lessons into a new school year if a balance remains at the end of summer, prior to the start of the fall semester.
  • Registration forms will not be accepted without payment. For those not on the installment plan, payment is due before lessons begin. Payment may be made by cash, check, Discover, MasterCard, or Visa.
  • $25.00 late charge per month will be applied to accounts that are not up to date.

Installment Plan

  • A payment plan consisting of two to four payments may be arranged for the Fall and Spring Semester terms.
  • The installment payment plan does not apply to group classes and ensembles.
  • Under this plan, students pay for four lessons before the fall or spring semester starts. An $3.50 service charge will be added to each payment after the initial enrollment, the first payment, and the registration fee.
  • A credit card number must be provided to secure the unpaid portion and will be used if payment check is not received by the due date.

Outstanding Balances

The previous terms balance must be paid in full to register for the next semester. If a balance due remains unpaid after attempts to collect payment owed, then the teachers shall be informed and shall deny the student’s entrance to the class until the office confirms that the balance has been paid. If it becomes necessary to engage the services of a collections agency or an attorney to settle any dispute in connection with NSA’s payment policies, the individual who signs the registration form agrees to pay the collections agency or attorney fees. The individual who signs the registration form understands and agrees to these terms.

Lessons are automatically suspended and will not be made up when an account is 10 days overdue. An additional $25.00 reinstatement fee must be paid before lessons can resume.

Returned Check Policy

  • Returned check fee of $35.00 will be assessed to the student’s account when a check is returned unpaid for any reason and must be paid before lessons may continue.
  • If a payment is not made, the student’s registration will be cancelled.
  • If payment is made after the registration is cancelled, the students must re-register at the prevailing rate.
  • Students/parents whose checks are returned more than once will be required to pay all future registrations by money order or cash.