Policies & Procedures

Nevada School of the Arts Policies


Tuition payment is due and payable before the first class or lesson. No classes or lessons will be given until payment is made or payment plans are arranged through the school’s office. A minimum of 4 weeks’ tuition MUST be paid at the time of registration.


non-refundable $15 registration fee is required for an individual student at the time of registration. This is a one-time fee charged during the school year. Fall students returning in spring are not charged the fee in spring.


  • Students are expected to be present for all classes and lessons.
  • Private instruction students are allowed one make-up lesson per semester only in the event of illness or death in the family.
  • Notification of inability to attend a lesson does not excuse payment for contracted lessons.
  • All lessons cancelled by the teacher will be made up at a mutually agreed upon time. Group class absences may not be made up.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to notify the teacher or the office if unable to attend a lesson or class. One private lesson missed by a student per semester may be made up if the absence is reported 24 hours before the scheduled lesson. This privilege applies only to students enrolled during the first six weeks of the semester. The makeup lesson time once agreed upon cannot be rescheduled. A missed makeup lesson cannot be made up.


The student is responsible for arriving at lesson and classes on time. A teacher is required to wait for 15 minutes for a student. A make-up lesson or class will not be given for the time missed by the student.


These are not included in the tuition fee. It is the parent’s or student’s responsibility to purchase the books, sheet music and other supplies specified by the instructor.


Need based and merit scholarships are awarded in fall and spring semesters only.

To apply for an award, complete and submit the registration form and scholarship application. Pay the registration fee of only $15. Billing will be adjusted later. More information applications and deadlines are available on our Scholarship pageLate applications will not be accepted.


Withdrawal requests for all lessons and classes must be received in writing. A fee of $ 25 per group class will be assessed for students who enroll and subsequently withdraw prior to the first class. Refunds for group and private instruction will be according to the following schedule:

 If the withdrawal takes place before the fourth week of enrollment, tuition will be refunded for the remaining lessons of the semester.

 No refunds will be issued after the fourth week of enrollment and will obligate the student for payment of the entire semester.

 Money will be refunded on a pro-rated basis only if a student notifies the teacher and the NSA office during the first four weeks of the semester.

Informing an instructor of a decision to withdraw, stopping payment, or not attending does not constitute a withdrawal.

Date of withdrawal is the date on which NSA received notification in writing from the student. Refunds may take up to four weeks for processing. Students receiving scholarship will have 100% of their award revoked if they withdraw at any time during the semester and will be charged in full for all lessons scheduled and/or taken, up to the time of the school’s receipt of a written withdrawal request.  Exceptional requests for refunds due to a family or medical emergency may be made in writing to the director and must include appropriate documentation.


The school also considers exceptions to the drop/withdraw policy when the circumstances of the drop are based on teacher-student incompatibility.

The first step in these situations is for the parent to talk to the teacher directly regarding the problem.

If the first step does not resolve the situation, parent should inform the executive director. The executive director will talk to the faculty member, parent and student to resolve the problem. Note that final approval to change teachers is given at the end of the semester, not during the term itself. Any requests for change in private teacher must be requested in writing and approved by the executive director.


Current students, who have completed their 15 lessons, may register for additional lessons between fall and spring semesters.


New students must enroll for a minimum of four individual lessons. All lessons must be prepaid. Consecutive weeks are recommended but not required. Summer lessons missed because of student absences are not made up.  Students registering for summer lessons will not receive a refund because of students’ withdrawal. Tuition for any special classes (Suzuki Workshops, Orchestra, Chamber Ensembles, Group Piano classes) or camp is due in full and is non-refundable.


Any student due to of lack of interest, frequent absences (more than three in a row), frequent tardiness, behavioral problems or failure to abide by these policies.


NSA reserves the right to withdraw courses for which enrollment is insufficient.