Music Theory - Nevada School of the Arts

Music Theory

Initial Payment of $175.00 + 3 Monthly Payments of $160.00

Starting at $640
Optional: 4 Monthly Installments

From pre-reading classes to 20th century atonality, music theory classes deepen understanding of the musical process and strengthen artistic expression and performance.

Prior to enrollment, students complete an assessment test to determine which class(es) would be most appropriate. Evaluations are normally done in the fall, and enrollment is assumed to be a year-long commitment. At the end of the year, continuing students are re-evaluated so that faculty can advise them on appropriate choices for further study.

Schedule to be determined by the student and the teacher.

Price per class:
30 min – $40
45 min – $57.50
60 min – $70

No. of classes: 16
Teacher: Garret Denham