Pre-Festival Conference for Orchestra Directors (NDE Credits)

Pre-Festival Conference for Orchestra Directors (NDE Credits)

Designed for directors of secondary-level orchestras, youth orchestras, and beyond, the conference focuses on increasing expression in young players. Three sessions offer a wide range of pedagogical and artistic approaches to developing musicianship:

Expressive Gestures: Striving for the Composer’s Intent/Mark Laycock

Dr. Laycock explores conducting gestures inspired by meticulous score study and analysis. Once the director has formed an aural image of the music, what are strategies for bringing the composer’s vision to life? Using Norman Leyden’s Serenade for Strings and Benjamin Britten’s Sentimental Saraband from Simple Symphony, participants will investigate conducting techniques designed to inspire an expressive response. 

Bowing Skills for Style and Phrasing/Karl Reinarz

Let’s develop tone and technique every week and within every piece. Contact point, bow speed, arm weight, and bow tilt drills become skills as you demonstrate so that your students will emulate. We apply each variable and weigh their impact on phrasing and style in various repertoire. 

Directors’ Choice Repertoire Coaching/Laycock and Reinarz

Attendees will lead the workshop ensemble through string repertoire of their choosing—ideally, a piece from their festival program. The workshop faculty will offer suggestions as to best-practice conducting gestures and rehearsal techniques designed to foster an expressive performance. 

What to Bring

  • your instrument
  • one piece for coaching (set of parts and two extra scores)

Receive 5 Hours Professional Development Continuing Education

Previous Participant’s Comments:

“I’m just grateful for the opportunity you provided!”
“This was an awesome learning experience and I hope to be invited to more like this in the future. Thank you!”


January 21, 2022

Start Time:

3:00 pm

End Time:

9:00 pm


Nevada School of the Arts/Historic Fifth Street School Auditorium